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The NEC phone system is a great choice for your business. The NEC phones are solidly built, having large adjustable LCD screens to display caller ID, date, time and other important system information. NEC phones make use of “softkeys” to coach you through phone system features without you having to refer to a user guide. The NEC phone system management software is one of the most intuitive and straightforward in the industry. Adding a new phone or moving an office telephone is easy for you to master.
Modular in design, the NEC phone system can “grow” with you, as your business and communication needs grow. This makes the NEC phone system very affordable for your growing business. NEC phone systems are always evolving and incorporating new technologies into their business telephone systems to maximize productivity and foster business growth.
Avaya is a global leader in business communications systems. Avaya phone system solutions are designed to streamline your phone system communications and enhance your customer relationships, while reducing costs. Avaya phone systems include VoIP phone systems, email messaging, voicemail phone system integration, phone system services and phone system accessories. Avaya simplifies complex network communications with existing phone system technologies to unlock value from your network.

Avaya’s unique combination of communications applications, software and services helps your company to simplify complex communications and will help you integrate technologies, even from your other vendors. Avaya helps improve the way your company works - making your people more productive, your processes more flexible and your customers more satisfied. 

An ESI Communications Server is a powerful tool around which you can build your organization’s entire telecommunications strategy — and you don’t have to know it all in advance.

That’s because an ESI Communications Server —  the ESI-50 — can be a traditional digital business phone system, a fully standards-based IP telephony system, or any mix of the two. The choice is entirely yours, and the mix can easily change when your needs do. Despite its long list of features, an ESI Communications Server — thanks to famous ESI ease-of-use — is a phone system you’ll find friendly. There are several different models of ESI desktop Feature Phones.

Nortel provides advanced voice features, data connectivity, LAN communications, computer telephony integration (CTI), and information services for communication applications ranging from 20 to 16,000 users.

Every Nortel business phone system package begins with an Integrated Communications System (ICS). This fully digital platform brings together all your communications - fax, email, computer, and telephone - right at your desktop.

The size and communication needs of your business will help determine which system is best for you.